How COVID-19 has affected Digital Marketing

Do you know that the COVID19 has impacted the digital marketing around the world? It is very common that there would be some positive and negative impacted during this unexpected circumstance times. This blog will be fully explained about the positive and negative of digital marketing after the pandemic began.

Marketer and advertiser increased

This is one of the advantage of the COVID19, as there are so many people prefer to work from home after the pandemic. It would help to reduce the local cases. I believe digital marketing is the best job for the pandemic as this can be work from home with your laptop. The vacancy of Marketing field relavant position possibly on demand during this moment. In addition, employees would get a chance to work experience from home as a marketer which is the best self training. This can be the challenges for all of the new marketers.

Flexible Channel

Channel do not have to work physically in the TV industries, but this is also can be done from home by self-recording. The best things would be easier to work and can be doing online to advertise the products, uploaded onto the youtube channels, live streaming on the social media etc...

Marketing industries growth

Marketing industries can be growth very quickly as it is on the busiest period. It is reasonable that the marketing industries will be grow because there are so many people prefer to work as a marketers then they increase the demand of the advertise on the channels and the social media to show the attention to the world about what is this products are all about and to make it popular, especially is increase the new consumers.

The negative side of this affected the digital marketing after the pandemic began is just you won't work with your colleagues in person as a digital marketer if you work from home.

In conclusion, this blog is just all about what is the affected of the good and bad side of the digital marketing after the pandemic began. I hope this information would be clearly to all of the reader.

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