Avatar goods, cryptocurrency innovations, and the trend towards unfiltered social media feeds will all be at the forefront of customers' minds.

"2022 will prove a dichotomous year with customers balancing hype vs reality," predicted Andrea Bell, Director of WGSN Insight. Some people already make meta-commercial investments by engaging in branded metaverse shopping, entertainment, and exchange. Some people are just trying to learn how to use an app for click-and-collect. What binds the emerging digital frontiers to the "real world" is the desire for human connection, community, and care. This requirement will be the basis for conversions in 2022.


  • Direct-2-avatar commerce: This developing retail paradigm will uncover new chances for businesses entering the metaverse, building deeper connections in digital contexts. By making and selling products that don't exist IRL to avatars, D2A commerce lets firms skip supply chains, opening up new revenue sources.

  • Crypto rewards will bridge traditional loyalty programmes and the expanding cryptocurrency industry to generate confidence. Digital rewards programmes are the next step as more organisations accept cryptocurrencies as payment. They offer a unique chance to address Gen Z's demand for flexible payments and digital transactions.

  • Street-Care: As youth-focused brands and customers strive to give back to the community, streetwear is becoming streetcars. Brands prioritise diversity and inclusion in business while championing social causes that match their brand vision and engage consumers. They're using buzz and streetwear to appeal to youthful people and support their cause.

  • Spiritual coaching: The pandemic increased people's demand for rituals, knowledge, and significance, driving the global personal coaching business to $2.8bn. In 2022, spirituality will be interwoven into job coaching, financial advice, and relationship counselling. In-house spiritual concierges can coach companies and brands on their community's spiritual health and progress.

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Reference: WGSN, 2022. WGSN forecasts the key consumer trends for 2022 and beyond. Retreive from:

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