Precision marketing under big data

Big data Analytics is designed for IT management. Enterprises can combine real-time data flow analysis with historical data, then big data analysis and discover the models they need. In turn, it helps predict and prevent future outages and performance problems. Further, they can use big data to understand usage models and geographic trends, thereby deepening big data's insights into important users. They can also track and record online behavior, with big data easily identifying business impacts; Accelerate profit growth with a deep understanding of service utilization; Simultaneously collect data across multiple systems to develop IT service catalogs.

With the rapid development of mobile Internet, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to the value behind data. By mining data, analyzing users, driving business with data, and realizing precision marketing. The development of big data analysis tools such as BI makes it possible to collect, integrate and analyze massive data effectively, making it possible to drive business by data. Many enterprises, represented by Internet companies, have realized the commercial value brought by precision marketing with big data.

Student Name: MengQi

Student Number: 10560960

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