The dynamic world of Digital Marketing has seen considerable changes in the past decade. What was relevant a few years back may be not right now which makes it crucial for brands to keep on top of these trends. Below are the top three trends of 2021 to incorporate into your digital marketing strategy.

1. Conversational marketing

Shoppers today want the personal touch and authentic experience of in-store shopping with the ease of shopping online. Conversational marketing such as chatbots, live chats and messaging apps are used to replicate the in-store experience online at any time and place convenient for the buyer. Incorporating conversational marketing in a business has been proven to improve lead generation, provide a better customer experience, and assist leads to move quicker through the sales funnel.

2. Featured snippets

Traditionally, the goal of SEO has been to achieve the number one position in SERPs. The newest trend is to attain “position zero” or Google’s “featured snippet” which is located at the top of the SERP and is separated by a small box. It attempts to answer the users question by providing a snippet from a site without requiring the user to click on the link. These snippets usually contain a summary in the form of definitions, videos, lists, table, steps, page titles, and URL’s. To be featured in a snippet, it is crucial that the content on your site is in some of the forms listed above provided that the content is relevant to the question asked by the user.

3. Visual Searches

Visual searches are soon going to be the next big thing. Early adopters have begun to redesign their website to support voice and visual searches. It is projected to increase digital commerce revenue of brands by a whopping 35%.

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